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Home Office - Richardson, TX

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Richardson, TX

San Antonio, TX

When I am asked about L&S I always say this place is one of those rare places to work where form fits function. By that I mean this is the most organized place I've ever worked. Lots of mechanical trade companies wake up each day and just kind of re-shuffle the deck or roll the dice and see what happens today and they deal with tomorrow when it gets here. Those companies can fall victim to the ups and downs of building trends. Those stumbling blocks experienced by other companies never affect this company in such a severe manor because there is a forward thinking approach here. And what would be deemed as a devastating blow from the economy or other factor would be just an expected development on the event horizon that was seen coming and a plan for it would be in place way in advance of it. There is a plan B and C etc. Job security due to that forward thinking and a process that is super organized are the cornerstones of a good company and what I like in an employer. I have that here and then some...

Charlie Barnes, Ft Worth Superintendent

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