11/20/2015 - Freezing temperatures

With freezing temperatures soon to hit, it's best to prepare your home by taking some recommended precautions:

  • Disconnect garden hoses
  • Open cabinet doors in kitchen and bathrooms to allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing
  • Allow hot and cold water to slightly drip from each faucet
  • In the event you experience a frozen pipe, leave the hot and cold water slightly on even though water might not be coming out
  • In the even you lose power and have exterior tankless hot water units, try to cover them
For more weather-related tips, visit's freezing weather tips.*

* Allstate is not affiliated with L&S Mechanical.

9/1/2012 - Our name has changed

After noticing a need for quality professional electrical and HVAC coverage in the area, L&S has now acquired the resources and personnel needed to add these services to our Texas locations. To better reflect the services we offer, L&S Plumbing is now L&S Mechanical.