Does anyone know a plumber that does concrete work? I DO!! Once again has Gary Sickles of L & S Plumbing has gone above the call of duty and has come through where others have failed. On the day that he was leaving for vacation, Gary stopped by the subdivision to pick up a set of plans for the following week. Gary arrived just as the city inspector was about to red tag my inspection for not having wrapped cables in the foundation. Without hesitation, Gary grabbed my extra roll of tape and began helping me wrap the cables around the foundation. Because of this, I was able to pass a much needed inspection.

Once again, it is my privilege to send out a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mr. Gary Sickels for coming through in a clutch!!

Sincerely, DeWayne Smith MPM, Standard Pacific Corp.

This homeowner says Ray was out today and he was the most personable and professional service tech he has ever dealt with and wanted to make sure that we knew how lucky we were to have a nice guy like that working for us.

Homeowner talking about Ray Cannon, Richardson Service Tech

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that JT (JT Ottwell) and his sidekick are probably the best plumbing superintendents I've dealt with in the past 10 years. Rarely do I ever send emails about a job well done but JT and his sidekick deserve it. They are always Johnny on the spot, there when I need them, and extremely a pleasure to deal with. I can only hope once I leave Paloma that he will be my super in my next subdivision because that super will have some big shoes to fill. Thank you for your time sir and thank you for JT.

David Gantt, Gehan Homes

Trey I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but your guy out here in Stone Hollow; Will Clayton is doing an outstanding job. I kid you not he is easily the best guy in the development. He shows up to work every day with a terrific attitude, ready to work and to work hard! I have seen him deal with our customers and can tell you that he is able to turn a stressful situation with the customer into a great experience! Every time he leaves one of those situations my customer's mood improves tremendously, in turn making my job easier and best of all leaving the customer in good spirits.

As far as our trades go there are a couple that have a guy like Will, and while there are guys like him that do a wonderful job Will is a cut above the rest. This man cares about what he does, he is passionate about his job and it shows. I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but this guy deserves a raise! Seriously Trey, guy's like Will are few and far between, at the very least this man deserves a big pat on the back for being so helpful, hardworking, and having such a terrific attitude!

Jon Newcomer, Construction Manager, Standard Pacific Homes

It has come to my attention that a heartfelt thank you for Gary Sickle's outstanding service is long overdue. As you may know, I was recently promoted to Asst. Construction Manager in the Fall Creek subdivision. Since my promotion, Gary has educated me on a number of things regarding to the day-to-day plumbing issues and how it pertains to my role as a construction manager.

Mr. Sickle's vast knowledge of our inventory has helped me tremendously in working efficiently not only with your company but with other service trades as well. On more than one occasion, Gary has met with me and other trades in my homes in an effort to help us resolve issues and devise a plan to overcome future delays. Gary's leadership along with his ability to solve problems has been highly recognized and appreciated among the Fall Creek construction team. As you may imagine, coming into a new position has its challenges. One occasion in particular, Gary stopped what he was doing and drove to Fall Creek to resolve a water leak that was caused when a framer cut a water line. If he hadn't arrived when he did, the house would've flooded and I wouldn't have passed my inspection that morning. I realize that we're not the only construction team that Gary is responsible for. However, his constant presents in our subdivision illustrates his commitment to excellence and dedication to the overall success of the neighborhood.

Please make sure Gary knows how much his professionalism and expertise is appreciated and the Fall Creek Construction team is excited about continuing to work with him going forward.

Sincerely, DeWayne Smith, Standard Pacific Corp

We just want to say thank you guys very much for addressing our plumbing problem. Your warranty department always provides exceptional customer service and always responds to our requests in a time manner. The gentleman that came out to fix it did a great job.

Homeowner regarding Doug Bell, Fort Worth Service Tech

Thank so much for sending someone out. The L&S representative has been here and completed the correction to the drain. I appreciate you getting him here today. Have a good weekend.

Homeowner regarding Doug Bell, Fort Worth Service Tech

My faucet is in and it looks awesome! Thanks so much for your help and your installer, Robert Lucas, was awesome!

PK Harmon, (Assistant to Randall at First Texas Homes) regarding Robert Lucas

Thank you for your assistance. It is a pleasure to work with such an outstanding and reputable company as L&S. I also want to believe that L&S has great employees as demonstrated by you. You made the company proud by keeping the promised schedule.

Bernard Osiemi, homeowner sent the following note regarding Samantha Kormylo

I wanted to let you know how wonderful Trey McDaniel was when he came to my home. He absolutely restored my faith in L&S Plumbing! He was extremely friendly, professional and readily admitted that the problem was their mistake. Really good customer service is rare and I appreciated Trey's attitude and work ethic. For all future plumbing problems, I will be using L&S Plumbing!

Lydia Bals, warranty customer regarding Trey McDaniel

Tagg is doing a fantastic and outstanding job-he ALWAYS goes way above and beyond to try to make things happen. Please give him, a more than deserving, "THAT A BOY" and pat on the back. He truly goes out of his way to make my life easier, thank you.

Richard Benker, Construction Manager at Meritage Homes regarding Tagg Sawyer, FW Superintendent

I had to write to give a big thanks to L&S Plumbing for coming to my rescue!

I have been in my home for 2 years and I was having a problem with my hot water heater. I first called my builder and was told it was no longer covered under my warranty. As I started researching and trying to figure out if I can troubleshoot and fix it myself, I realized that there was a vital part missing from my hot water heater, the igniter. I contacted the warranty company for my builder only to be met by a very rude manager who essentially kept telling me it was my fault and there was nothing they can do. I asked, even though there was a vital part missing upon installation. It was probably one of the worst customer service experiences I have encountered.

I called L&S because I knew they installed the water heater. From the time I called to schedule an appointment, it was very pleasant. The person I spoke with even set up an appointment for the same day. John came out and fixed the problem. He was great and very nice!

So I just wanted to say thank you for really making my day after a busy and frustrating week. I will recommend you all to everyone I know. You all have shown me that customer service still exists! Thanks again!

Marredia Rogers, homeowner

Trey, I have worked with a few L&S guys in the field over the last few years. I just wanted to let you know that Doug Cannon seems to be on top of his game. He obviously maintains a good relationship with the city inspector which in turns makes everybody's job easier. He is off to a good start in the neighborhood. We are doing the "Slab Tek" foundations which require a bit more attention to detail on the front end. He has approached these new challenges with a great attitude and great attention to detail. In my opinion the difference between a good field super and an average one is the level of ownership that they take on the job. So far he approaches the job with a higher level of ownership than average. Just thought I would let you know.


Bryan Elsey